Nikon DF Focusing

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Re: Nikon DF Focusing

Just wondering  how the DF will cope  with focusing in Low light.  using the D4 sensor (  great ) but the D610 focusing.  My interest at the moment is going into Pubs & Clubs and photographing pop groups. Sometimes these venues are too small for the bands to use their own lighting and they are lit by room lights only. I am using a D800 at the moment and camera settings of iso 6400 - lens 2.8 and shutter speeds from 30th to 125. Not ideal. But quite often the camera struggles to lock on. Yes I know 30th is too slow to capture images sharpe especially when the group are moving. But my question is will the  DF cope in low light as good as the D4  especially as the DF is using a focusing system not quite as good as on  the D4?

Why don't you manual focus..?

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