The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: Don't get the whole split focus thing

sandy b wrote:

I know some people like it, but I never really cared for it in my FE. I thought it was hard to use in low light, and too much recompose. It worked, but I was much happier with DSLR AF. And I prefer the clean window look. And until the Df, I never saw many posts with people screaming for it in their dslrs or they wouldnt buy them. Now all of a sudden, without MF aids, no one can manual focus anymore. When I need critical MF, which isn't often, I use a tripod and LV.

Supposedly the Df may have improved MF capability. I guess we will have to wait and see. But certainly in no way a deal breaker for me. I;m getting the Df for the sensor and the cool build. The buffer is pretty nice too.

Personally I think it really comes down to peoples views of what lenses this camera is "suited" for.

That the camera can take pre AIS lenses doesn't mean that such lenses or manual lenses were its main intended use. While its control system is most associated with the pre AF era I see now reason why the two need go together, the F4 for example used a similar system and offered AF. It offered a spilt street option as well of course but its controls were created to exploit its AF potential.

My guess is that the market for those who want these controls AND AF is much greater than the market for those that want MF, although the latter is often very vocal.

Personally to me the premium doesn't seem all that extreme either relative to the rest of the market. To start with I think the D4 sensor was always going to need to recoup more R&D money per unit, beyond that though many other manifacturers have charged a clear premium for retro design(much more limated retro design as well that likely cost less to devolp) in recent years. In terms of purchase value today the D800 is clearly better but your talking an 18 month old camera.

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