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Re: x100 wife age 40. True age 50. X100s age 60. X-E2 age?

photo perzon wrote:

griddi wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

X100 did not have the deep wrinkle contrast the X100s brought. How's the 2? The X100s brings shadows that are too strong, makes wrinkles deep.

I can not understand your fetish / problems you seems to have with cameras which make your wife older or younger looking, the fact is, she is 50 years old, so why not accept this ?

What does it matter if she looks 40-50 or 60 years old ?


The whole beauty industry would love to have a camera that makes a 50 yr old woman look 40, and that is the X100. "detail without texture" somebody wrote. I find that the X Trans can be set to make shadows impenetrably black. Applied to a 50 yr old that makes wrinkles darker.

Does it matter? I think little else matters.

I'm hoping the X-E2 yields shadows more like the X100.

If a person is 50 years old........the person is still 50 years old, even IF perhaps a camera MAY made this person a bit younger looking, but what is the gain ?

In your case I am sure your wife does not work as a model anyway........

I am female, and not a spring chicken anymore, but if I look on a photo of me older or younger as I am actually are, I don't care at all, because it is ME on the photo.........

Apart from anything else, I would never buy a camera just perhaps this camera would made to look a person younger.......

BTW, I have the Fuji X100...........


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