The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: What I don't understand...

I would have traded in the manual controls on the left side of the camera for the AF module of the D4.  As is the D610 is a better deal.

I like the command dials, the manual dials are duplications of functions, and you cant see in the VF

what they are set to , and changing them means moving your hands, looking at the dials, unlocking the locking buttons.  Too much work comparred to the command dials controling settings and the OVF telling what your shooting at.

I would love to see a D7100 sized FF camera and dare I say it a EVF model.  I have two EVF cameras

The Pen EP5 with the VF4 evf and the Nex HD evf and in low light I see things I cannot with the OVF.

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