What if you had $5000?

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Re: For me it would be easy...

daddyo wrote:

E-M1 w/HLD-7 & 12-40mm f/2.8 = $2,400 (Net of current Oly $200 rebate)

Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 = $1,300

Oly 45mm f/1.8 = $300

Is this one good for portraits, I understand the 75 to be the gem for m43?

Used (Back up) E-M5 body (LN- Cond. KEH) = $700 (Add HLD-6 later)

Bower 7.5mm Fisheye = $239

Total = $4,939

That would be quite a setup and great suggestion. Let me ask you this question, wouldn't you miss the 4/3 35-100 for it's reach and subject isolation? As we know the one weakness of the 4/3rds system was shallow DOF, I never have a problem with this using the 35-100, PL25 and 50 macro.

Depending on your flash situation, I might get the FL-600R instead of the Bower.

I have the FL50R, I think that works on the EM1.

For the types of shooting you indicated, this set up is more than adequate to do pro work. I chuckle every time I see someone suggest that if you are doing 'pro' shooting you must shoot full frame systems -- it's nonsense for the types of work you are listing.

I'm actually a non pro but trying really hard to improve, if I were you I could take great wedding photos with my wife's new TG-2 tough.

The notion that clients won't think you are 'professional' if you don't have a giant camera/lens set up is silly -- 99.9% of all clients are interested in results, not gear

I recently shot a wedding with my E-M5's. Here is a quote from the 'Thank You' card I received from the bride:

"Thank you very much for photographing our wedding. The pictures all came out great. I'm having a hard time picking my favorites!"

All of the ceremony shots were done at ISO 3200, and no one asked why my camera was so small.

Below is a shot done from a recent Acura sponsored event -- this shot was done at ISO 3200 at 1/4 Sec. hand held. By the way, the blotchy sky in the background is from city lit cloud formations -- not high ISO noise (as you can see by the black on the car).

I hope whatever you end up with is a system you will be happy with:-)

Thanks Greg, I'll probably end up with m43 in one flavor or another and play around with a FF don't know which I'll get first.

And may God Bless you also.

God Bless,





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