Mirrorless vs DSLR

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as1mov wrote:


What is your opinion?

I generally like that website, but there is often a lot of personal speculation. Most of these points aren't new.

Again, I'm not a detractor about mirrorless, I know there can be advantages. I just want to make sure that all the rosy future isn't overblown and the past isn't soured by coal colored glasses. Mirrored cameras aren't evil. Mirrors aren't evil. A lot of the supposed benefits just aren't that big of a deal or they haven't materialized as promised. But then who made these promises in the first place?

So I think you have to be careful not to buy into some of the "solution bias" and hype. Some of his points are valid, some are over stated. I'll focus on the ones that I think are blown out of proportion:

No mirror, Less Noise - Have you seen the comments about the sound and volume of the Sony A7's shutter? It's quite loud they say. Was it the mirror that made all the noise, or the shutter? Geez, my D600 shutter is quiet when I use mirror lock-up. One would think that Sony could have gotten this right.

Frame Speed Limitation - Yea, maybe there are limitations, but I'm not sure we've reached the peak. After all, how many times a second do the valves in your lawnmower cycle up and down? I suppose mirror-less has a limitation too, what is it? It would be interesting to know what the limit is now that we've eliminated mirrors. The Sony A7 is 5 fps, the OMD at 10? What was the fastest DSLR? 11? 12?

It's been enough time for these frame rates to come up. Maybe the mirror was never the limitation, maybe it was the shutter. I don't personally care about faster frame rates.

No Live Preview - And what do you sacrifice by being without TTL optical viewing? Clarity, sharp viewing etc. There is no right answer here. Honestly, the best LCD in the world doesn't look as good as TTL viewing. It's a value proposition - which do you value more?

Mirror Slap - Sure, there is movement and debris is moving around inside the chamber, but it's not a dust storm as implied. Except for the D600, sensors don't get very dirty. I have to wonder, isn't the sensor of the Fuji and Sony cameras bare bum out front? That worries me more.

Expensive to Build and Support (Mirror etc.) - The cost has long since been driven out of these systems and they rarely give trouble. And they probably don't tear them apart to fix them. I'm certain they replace them in a modular fashion. Cost of a repair? Don't know, I've owned 5 DSLRs in 40 years and have yet to need any mirror work done.

Price - This one I don't get. There are some very inexpensive/excellent APS-C (for instance) DSLRs out there that are less than the mirrorless counterparts. And if Sony's launch is any indication, the purchase of the camera is just the beginning of the wallet drain! If you though lenses were expensive before...

Easier to Clean - OK, so you have one less step in cleaning your sensor. Not worth mentioning.

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