APS-C e-mount lens future. Thoughts?

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Re: APS-C e-mount lens future. Thoughts?

PVCdroid wrote:

raminolta wrote:

Don't listen to this guy. There is absolutely no reason to assume Sony will not make any more APS-C E-mount cameras. They will continue so just like other camera manufacturers.

I didn't want to start a riot and was really trying to get opinion on future Sony full frame camera capabilities. So let me try again:

Does anyone think that the technology will improve to the point we could re-use APS-C e-mount lenses on full frame cameras at a reasonable resolution? I can't imagine these lenses will become obsolete and am counting on Sony producing at least more decent APS-C bodies to go along with them. R&D is done and some of the lenses are very good.

That you get what appears to be a critically low pixel count using APS-C lenses is actually by design and not a flaw in the technology. One of the main advantages to larger sensors is that you don't have to pack pixels so tightly onto them, and while I won't get into the math of why, one of the results is better low light capabilities. Sony certainly has the technology to create a 48MP full frame sensor which would increase the pixel count when using APS-C lenses, but most people wouldn't want to deal with the files that such a sensor would produce. On full frame, 24MP seems to be the sweet spot between resolution and file size.

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