Nikon knows the Df isn't for everyone

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Re: Nikon knows the Df isn't for everyone

You're right and I'd like to bring my point as well.

As you see, I own a D600. 24 MP and all the rest in a do-everything-good rounded body. I bet many of DX shooters wanting to upgrade would like to own my D600 (or D610) - Actually I've just shot a christening this morning with a friend D7000 and low-light capabilities vs the D600 are night and day far. I have to go beyond 1600/2000 iso and I'd still have BETTER iq than his at 400 iso.

My customers (a friend) won't go that much into detail but when I was reviewing pics, this afternoon, my eye immediately caught the difference in noise and cleaner rendering.

For me the Df is appealing DESPITE my D600 and I'll tell you why. Probably for most it will sound as nonsense but what the heck, we're in democracy and everyone can have his own opinion, right?

As you see, I've only mf lenses and for me, moving from my old D700 to the D600 changed a lot. D700 had a sturdier and more pro body (and commands were easier to set, without having to take my eye off from the viewfinder, for one) AND lenses (both 35 and 100mm the only ones I had at the time) shined despite the mf.

On the D600 I gained plenty of definition and image quality and better low light capabilities BUT I also lost the above pros of the D700 and the higher MP count is much less forgiving in terms of misfocusing. Probably for me moving to the Df would match and exceed both worlds. It would give me more MP than D700 but not so many to be worried of little misfocusings while retaining the unbelievable iq (and even more) of the D600 in a littler (not by much, I admit) and fancier package which I'm confident will retain its value for longer time than other "commoner" cameras. Just because this is a "niche" product, it should/might be considered kind of collectible, but aside speculations, I simply love how it looks and the better (whatever "better" is to Bjorn Rorslett) viewfinder. Thankfully I can "enjoy" photography and its best side - personal pleasure, creativity - and I'm not forced to do it for a living (which would be boring after a while) so - while I'm not in a rush - I'm definitely persuaded I'll move to Df sooner or later.

Sure I might sell everything of my ZF lenses and get af lenses to "solve" the problem of a better and faster focusing. Yet I'd lose the personal pleasure to work on the image myself (af lenses on an af digital camera takes pictures but it's a bit boringly simple, you know!)

Probably I'll be in that well-heeled, high-heeled (how do you call they?) people niche, truth is that everyone of us has his/her own hobby, something that makes us go beyond the simple task of "doing" the hobby.. well, Df is probably the tool that most makes me feel connected with my idea of photography, so the tool that makes me most enjoy it. That's enough.

p.s. I'm not against zooms at all. Simply, I'm enjoying more primes now. I'm waiting for the new 16-35 Nikon f/2.8 which is the only (upcoming) zoom that appeals to me so far.

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All the best from northern Italy, Dino.
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