What if you had $5000?

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Re: For me it would be easy...

For the types of shooting you indicated, this set up is more than adequate to do pro work. I chuckle every time I see someone suggest that if you are doing 'pro' shooting you must shoot full frame systems -- it's nonsense for the types of work you are listing.

The notion that clients won't think you are 'professional' if you don't have a giant camera/lens set up is silly -- 99.9% of all clients are interested in results, not gear.

I don't know how many paid photographers have to say this before people start seeing the truth in it. There are some truly amazing wedding/street/studio photographers using m4/3 gear these days, and I'm sure there are plenty using Fuji and Sony mirrorless offerings as well. The number of truly competent cameras on the market now is staggering. We're truly spoiled for choices.

As to what I personally would spend 5K on? Well, for strictly non-bird photography, I'd likely get a Pentax K5 II + Sigma 14-35 + flash for around $2200,  and then spend the rest on a nice m4/3 kit.

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