180' shutter speed rule for 60i (24fps)?

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human vision properties are base for what is natural shutter speed, not 2 x the fps

New Daddy wrote:

This is a newbie question. I understand that the most natural shutter speed is 2 x the fps.

"the most natural shutter speed"! 

I think it is this definition triggered so intense discussion between such experts as Sean Nelson and trevmar. It was indeed very educational. Ages ago I shoot and developed Super 8 15 meter/50 feet- rolls at home (18 'progressive' frames per second, btw) and loved the results as much as today. And most probably, that old camera had that 180 degree shutter and exposed each frame at double frame rate speed. Nowadays I shoot HD 60i or 60p (or 30p at low light) and do not miss much low frame rate of the past.  I do appreciate film look of the film in terms of gamma or contrast or color rendering or dynamic range/latitude. But I do not miss the "cinema look" as a reproduction of movement neither in my amateur movies of my past, nor in professional movies. When I watch "Planet Earth" on my LG tv and inevitably see that stuttered look of 24 frames (probably on top of 24p to 60i conversion in 60-and-not-120Hz environment) I am sure I would prefer it shot and delivered in 60 progressive frames. Most "surprisingly", depending on situation, I may prefer it to be shot in any "unnatural" shutter speed or degree, depending on situation. I am sure, 360 degree at 60 p or i frames would be not less crisp than 1/48-&-24 frames/s, but would give very smooth movement. And from helicopter, those 60 fps would probably benefit from significantly shorter shutter speeds/smaller degrees of shutter sector.

IMO, there is no natural shutter speed as 2x the fps. There are historically inherited combinations of shutter speed and frame rate because of limitations of mechanical shutter. Only our human vision properties should be base for what is could be considered "natural shutter speed". And I suspect that uninterrupted movement of somewhat blurry images is what is most natural for human eye.

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