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Re: Zoomed MF/AF behavior

a l b e r t wrote:

grasmuc wrote:

2 questions for OP:

Is it now possible to zoom in to 100% in a raw picture (without simultaneously shooting L fine jpg)?

The X-E1 has live view but in MF mode only allows to zoom in to the center of the image, not out of the center. Is that now possible with the X-E2?

Thx Chris

No, you still can't zoom to 100% with RAW only capture.

When you go into MF, it'll zoom to the last remembered MF box position. This is independent of the AF box and it keeps the box position even after you cycled the power.

In AF mode, pressing the wheel to zoom will zoom to the selected AF box.

This is a really good feature on the X-E1.  I just move the AF square and then the MF magnification goes right there for critical focus.  I use this a lot and it is especially valuable with manual lenses that have odd focus falloff over the frame.  Since there is a dedicated button on the X-E1 for this, it is very easy to reposition the AF box on the fly.

I don't like cameras that are "too smart" and they reset stuff you don't want to change.  The X-E1 is not too smart that way.  It's a tradeoff and maybe it would be useful to have an option in the setup menu about resetting the AF box to image center when camera is powered down, but I don't mind it the way it is now.

Also, I frequently delete all frames in my X-E1 but I like the function right where it is, in the menu when you are viewing images and not in the delete function button.  You have to deliberately go there to delete all images on the card.

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