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Re: Shutter lag time

a l b e r t wrote:

The focus speed has been less of an issue for me than lag - EVF lag and shutter lag. I gather from these and other comments that EVF lag is gone. But what about shutter lag? I find that when I'd trying to capture a changing scene that what I get is not quite what I thought I was getting. I'm don't expect D3s responsiveness, but I need something a little better than what I'm getting on the X-E1.


Actually, there is still some EVF lag, it is not completely gone, but more useable than before.

I think shutter lag is somewhat tied to AF speed. If PDAF is working (i.e.: scene with good vertical contrast), then the lag time can be very low. But I've yet to play with it extensively to confirm whether it is now good to go. With D3s and 24-70 AF-S lens, AF is so fast that I can pretty much capture the facial expression as soon as I see it in the viewfinder. I'm not sure if this can be done with X-E2 yet. For sure it is impossible with X-E1.

Thanks for your comments.  I am disappointed to read that there is still the EVF and shutter lag.  The lag and automatic focus are my complaints about the X-E1, and why the S5 remains a favorite.  However, I did order the X-E2 from Adorama and will test it for myself.

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