D7's dying w/122u firmware?

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Re: D7's dying w/122u firmware?

I have my firmware on the CF root still and use it all the time without problem. I have been really careful not to press the shutter for too long to wake the camera up from sleep mode. If you press and hold the shutter button while the camera is in sleep mode..that will probably trigger the firmware upload. It hapened to me once but did not cause any problem. From that time, i have been careful.

Stef Colosi wrote:
I had the same thing happen to me after doing an update to my D5.

I have a little theory, of the people whos cameras died, how many
left the firmware on the CF card after they flashed?

I did, and I think that was what caused it to later die whilst
taking pictures. The camera must have gone into standby, i didnt
notice, had it round my neck and then raised it again to take a
shot, and pressed the shutter, waking the camera up and
unintentionally starting a firmware update. As I then probably
fiddled with the camera it did not complete the update and a few
minutes later seemed dead.

I fixed it by removing the batteries, waiting around 4-5 hours,
then reflashing. I then formatted the CF card and the camera has
been fine ever since.

just my experience but i'd be interested if it seems familiar to
anyone else.


Pete Vickers wrote:

Mine is still fine after a week and 60 or so photo's.

Oneyhing I have not done yet and will now I have thought of it is I
have NOT connect to the PC and uploaded any pics via the DIVU. I
have always used my CF reader to look at them.
Pete Vickers


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