Fed up with the wars here......

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Fed up with the wars here......

I know this is a gear oriented forum, but it seems to have degenerated into a full scale 'format war' when the minutest specification differences between FF, APS-C and m4:3 get debated ad nauseum and with absolutely no insight....


- Its good to have choice

- Differences between the performance of the current versions of the various sensors in 'most' photographic circumstances are pretty small, and certainly for the uses that most owners are putting them to....

- Small differences in handling, size/weight of the system, AF performance, DOF and low light noise make for advantages for some users, but its ALL about trade-off's.

- There is no 'perfect' system for everything....

- We have a whole load of wonderfully performing camera systems that allow us to get superb images compared with even 5 years ago.

Happy to discuss these things constructively as we can all learn things, but the atmosphere here with out and out trolling, baiting, rudeness, pointless circular arguments, recycling of the same facts over and over, really makes me wonder why I bother logging in....

Is it only me?

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