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Re: Junior Athletic, Tips and Comments

Dear Donald,

Allow me to be a bit more critical. I like Junior Athletics because of the action and the facial expressions.

Sprinting. Athletes tend to look down directly after the start. If you want to catch the eyes you either have to lie down on the ground and take your shot upwards or have to wait a second till the head comes up. Still the action is nice.

Long-jump. I do not favour a position straight in front of the athlete for two reasons: firstly, you run the risk of amputating the athlete as you did in photo nr 5 and secondly, you might disturb the concentration of the athlete. If you position yourself at the corner of the landing area you will catch the trailing leg as well without losing the facial expression. In photo nr 7 the athlete looks plump with his leg before his body.

Hurdles. Nice photo 9, although the athletes on the left and right show a less interesting action and I would crop them out leaving only the middle runner with interesting facial expression as follows:

Photo nr 14 with the girl over the hurdle. I would have left out some of the top of the photo positioning the athlete more on top as in the previous photo. As she extends her arms wide a landscape crop is also nice and has more impact:

Javelin: You catched the moment that the javelin just left the hand of the athlete. Fine, but that striking moment is lost in the composition of the picture. I suggest the following crop and PP:

Finish-photo. The athlete has passed the finish line. Some might argue that you were too late. I disagree as athletes on the finish line might close their eyes. The action and expression just before the finish line is often more interesting. Also after the finish line you might get interesting close-ups. The advantage of cropping here is that you lose the overexposed shoes and the legs and give more emphasis to the expression:

I have some more comments, but that would make this post too long. Hope I have given you some new ideas about shooting athletics. For more see my website http://www.edturk.com/Sport.html

Ed Turk

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