RAW bird photos never as sharp as JPEGs

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Re: RAW bird photos never as sharp as JPEGs

PK62 wrote:

I often do a fair amount of cropping, but from the sounds of it, I don't really know how to sharpen my birds without sharpening the entire image. I've never really understood layers, etc. in PSE. Is there an easier way in DPP?

As per my recommendations above, don't sharpen in DPP unless that's going to be your final image.

A simple basic way to sharpen only what you want in PSE is to make a selection of those areas first, then the sharpening is applied only there.  A really cool thing is that you can just do an Inverse of your selection and apply Noise Reduction to those other areas now, if desired.  Works especially great with birds against blue sky (best way to make a selection in this particular instance is to use the Magic Wand tool on the sky).  Note: keep your selection edges feathered a bit.

You can also use the Sharpen tool (brush) if you'd like, or conversely the Blur tool.  But they're kinda rough tools.

There's TONS of stuff on Photoshop techniques out there on the Web, or at your bookstore.  Highly recommend spending some time there.

Good luck.


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