Listen up Nikon: What the Df should have been + other thoughts

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Nikon responds

raztec wrote:

Dear Nikon

While I applaud your attempt to create a camera which gets back to the basics of photography and appeals to the purists, it falls short on too many counts to make it attractive to anyone but a small minority in the niche market.

There were two paths you could have taken, both of which would have been far more appealing to a wide array of shooters. In fact, you should still consider that your line up of DSLRs is seriously lacking and could use the following:

1. A fully manual DSLR without AF and with the huge split prism viewfinder of the FM2. Without an AF it could have used AA batteries which would have allowed people to carry these into the outback on extended trips where electricity is non-existent. Perhaps even a rewind mechanism that actually served a function and trickle charged the batteries could have been added to allow people to engage more with their cameras, as they did in the pre AF days. Metal and magnesium combo, some weather sealing, and perfect ergonomics like the K30 along with retro styling at a sub $1500 price point would have made this a big seller. There are a huge number of Nikon users who grew up in the film era and would happily buy such a camera, not as a back up, but as a way to re-engage in the experience of slow, careful composition through a large bright viewfinder.

2. Alternatively, you could have put the D4 sensor in a D800 style body with the 51 pt AF. You could have reduced the FPS and buffer to distinguish it from the D4 for pro Sport shooters, but don't cripple it in any other way. For a large number of photographers 16-20mp is plenty and they are willing to sacrifice super high resolution for excellent low light performance. This would have been the true D700 successor, a camera that I'm sure has increased your profits in the long run. The price of such a camera could have been at the current Df price and then it would have been quite fair.

Also, you need the following:

3. A completely new APS-C size mirror less camera with an adaptor that can take all your Nikon lenses. You see, many Nikon shooters are either jumping ship to Fuji or Oly, or simply buying those cameras in addition to their Nikon gear for their small size to take on quick everyday outings. If Nikon had an option, I'm sure all those with Nikon lenses would stay put instead of investing in a whole new system.

4.And of course, as many have said, you need a pro level D400 with a maximum of 16-20mp for the all sport and wild life shooters.



Full manual with rewind mechanism makes no sense as nobody would buy it.

AA batteries makes no sense this is not a circa-2005 point and shoot camera from Kodak.

Sub $1500 price point with metal and magnesium weather proofing this is not a charity.

It is called Digital Fusion. If people want a manual retro camera they can go look on the used market and flea ships for one

D4 sensor in D800 body with 51pt AF and ruin D4 sales? Cripple the shots per second? 20 megapixels for legacy lens? That is a product nobody would want.

Thanks for the feedback however we are running a business to make a profit and not go bankrupt.

Our product team actually does speak with customers who have a clue, not just wishful thinkers on DP Review who jump on the random spec bandwagon.

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