X-E2, got it, what a beast!

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Re: X-E2, got it, what a beast!

a l b e r t wrote:

Just received my X-E2 today. I've owned or used many X cameras, including X10, X-Pro1, X100 LE, X100s, X-E1. My other non-X cameras are Sony NEX-6 and Nikon D3s.

EVF as we all know, refreshes quicker. You can now adjust the brightness of the EVF and LCD independently! The jagged edge as seen during AF is now a thing of the past.

I am in a very similar position to the OP.  I moved to an X-E1 recently from an NEX-7 because of the Fuji lenses.  I use a D3s for the serious work in low-light.  So I find the OP's insights very helpful.

The focus speed has been less of an issue for me than lag - EVF lag and shutter lag.  I gather from these and other comments that EVF lag is gone.  But what about shutter lag?  I find that when I'd trying to capture a changing scene that what I get is not quite what I thought I was getting.  I'm don't expect D3s responsiveness, but I need something a little better than what I'm getting on the X-E1.


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