What if you had $5000?

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Re: What if you had $5000?

Darrell500 wrote:

Just for fun if you had $5,000.00 to put into camera gear for semi pro work, such as weddings, concerts, studio portraits, fashion and seniors, which gear would you buy?

I'm curious because I have a bid of about 4K from KEH for all my gear except a couple shg lenses which I might keep in case I pick up a EM1 at a later date. I can throw another $1,000 into the pot giving me only $5000.00 US to work with, not a small amount but not large either when trying to buy into a new system, so where to start, any ideas?

Hmmm. For your 'semi pro' work, one of the best deals out there at the moment would centre around an early Nikon FX camera. Preferably two or more of course. Personally, I'd keep a lookout for a clean, low use (non pro!) D3 (these do exist), or maybe even a D700 if the lack of twin card slots doesn't factor into your professionalism equation!

I'd get a couple of dedicated flashes. I haven't checked the prices recently as I have all the flashes I need, but there MIGHT be some deals on the 'older' SB900 ones (lots of people changed up to the 910 due to overheating issues with the 900, but if you're used to shooting Oly, then unless you're mega trigger happy and have a HV pack, even the older 900 is going to be superior to the FL50). Two SB900 cams with a flick of a switch master/slave off camera lighting control and Nikons very reliable CLS would be a revelation in terms of speed of use and exposure accuracy.

Lenses? Get an 80-200 twin ring AFD. Loads second hand, but you can still get these new. 90% as good as a 70-200VR but something like a third of the price.Even less second hand.

Then see how much cash is left. The 24-70/2.8 isn't cheap, but you can't go wrong with that lens.

As you really should be looking at two bodies, you're probably over your cash limit now, however the thing is, if you had say two D3 bodies, with a 24-70 and 80-200 .... why would you need to keep your SHG lenses? I now really can't see oly EVER releasing a 4/3 compatible camera that will give you a system for your event shooting needs that will get close to the performance of that Nikon setup. The EM1 type body would still be a great camera to have ... but its USP would be to have a high quality, low weight system for say travel, and for that you need non-SHG lenses anyway. So sell the SHG lenses (tough call though) to fund more FX ones for the pro stuff, and keep the smaller 4/3 lenses for a compact but high quality EM1 based travel/personal system.

This is effectively what I've ended up with. Kind of anyway.

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