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Re: A plan for Pentax FF

I spoke to a Pentax rep in a store, this week. He was showing off the K-3. We discussed the FF issue and he said they had had overwhelming demand from customers for FF. He was clear that this is what they appeared to want more than anything else. I'm just reporting his words, here.

He said that obviously there were looking at it seriously but if there was something holding them back it was that the recent lens legacy is not well suited to FF. I suggested, as someone did here, that Pentax should not try to be Canon or Nikon; they should focus on keeping the system small, extremely high quality and great value for money. For example, F4 zooms that were sharp wide open would be a sensible compromise.

He seemed amazed when I said I would sell my Nikon D3 and f.28 zoom 'holy trinity' of Nikkors and buy 2 well-executed, reasonably priced Pentax FF bodies and a K 3.

The guy was young and it's the UK branch; hardly a direct line to Japan so not to be taken too seriously but I thought I'd report it, all the same.

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