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Re: help with this photo

knapster1980 wrote:

Hey Guys,

I've tried to fix this using the clone stamp tool and healing brush with photoshop and it keeps turning out horrible any ideas how to remove the cage bars from his face?

My suggestion is to fix it mostly by adjusting the color and lighting.  As a starting point, try Saturation = -68, Brightness= -45, Contrast= +40 on the big stripe across the face.  Use an adjustment layer and masking to apply the edit only to the stripe.  Then do some localized adjustments to fix other areas and blend things, and finally do a little cloning to finish it off.  The example below needs more work, but I wanted to show an example where I only cloned on the black background and a few small spots on the face.  Most of it was done with the standard adjustment controls (1 saturation, 1 brightness/contrast, and a few levels adjustments applied to selective areas).

Hope this helps,


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