How hard is this to get right?

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Re: How hard is this to get right?

SDPharm wrote:

There are two kinds of people in the world, the ones who get what AndyGM is talking about, and the ones who don't.

Usually the former has the responsibility of managing a crowd, and the latter, no so much.

AndyGM wrote:

Here are a few thoughts:

- Words (even made up words, or acronyms you can pronounce as a word, like Lumix or EOS), are far easier for consumers to remember than a unpronounceable acronym, especially if it's got punctuation in it

- Made up words or modified real words, like Lumix or iPhone, can be trademarked. Dictionary words cannot, this is why the high def disk format is called Blu-Ray and not Blue-Ray. Olympus suffer on this front because Pen definitely can't be trademarked, but PEN can in some countries and not in others (ever noticed PEN is always uppercase?)

- Panasonic use one brand for all its cameras, Lumix. Olympus don't even use one brand for all their m43 cameras (d'oh!)

- Having a brand and a model name that are both complex acronyms, with punctuation, is as confusing as hell to most consumers (OM-D E-M5 is such a mess I don't know where to start)

- In a high tech industry such as Digital Cameras, no one give two hoots about heritage and products from the 60's and 70's

- Japanese companies that refuse or reject Gaijin influence (Woodford, anyone?), are renowned for coming up with product names that are nonsensical or daft in English. Calling a sports coupe the Nissan Silvia is a case in point.

In summary, have a made up pronounceable word as a brand, and then a simple model name (no dashes, dots, asterisks, hashes, whatever). Basically everything Olympus isn't doing!

But that still doesn't explain why more people tend to get the Panasonic models right than the Olympus ones.

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