The divorce is final...

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Re: The divorce is final...

Your pics are fantastic! thanks for sharing. And you made a great sendoff and tribute to Oly too. Would really like to hear your thoughts about the Fuji platform coming from an Oly shooter.

I was just looking at ebay because I think it is time to unload my E-620 and kits, which i used JUST as a teaching camera (2k-something actuations), and was wondering what options i had for getting rid of it quick. I think I may as well just let it go for a steal. It would make a great upgrade for anyone coming from a 4/5xx. The E-5 would go next. How well are the E-5s holding up in value? I always found it hard to resell Olympus cameras. I took a big hit on m e-3 when i sold it.

anyways, before I put all that on ebay, if anyone in the US is interested, I would sell below going rate on ebay just to keep the equipment within the realm of Oly fans.

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