Olympus profit - the cat is out of the bag (a little early)

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Re: Camera division = Medical division R&D

To be fair to Olympus they did give a fair amount of detail but it wasn't in the presentation materials.

For the first half they sold 250k mirror less (market share around 17%). In the whole of last year they sold 710k. They are going for 410k in 2H and an 86% uptick in 1H/2H sales.

In compacts they sold 1.66m in 1H and forecast 830k 2H. You have to remember that they sold down a lot of low priced inventory in 1H.

One other thing they mentioned was the launch of the new Pen models have been delayed. I see this as both good as well as bad news. You would expect that the Pen models would be under pressure from both Fuji XM and Panny GM although they seem to be selling well still. The delay could indicate a major revamp of these models.

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