X-E2, got it, what a beast!

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Re: X-E2, got it, what a beast!

Red5TX wrote:

a l b e r t wrote:

Delete button behavior is now different. When you hit delete, you'll be presented with 3 choices. Frame, Selected Frames, All Frames.

Excellent report. Thank you. That said, I am not a fan of this change to the delete function. If I want to delete everything I'll just format the memory card. Period.

I worry about this new button behavior. It's easy to think, "I would never delete all frames," but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, fingers do not function the way they should and mistakes get made. Erasing an entire memory card is about as big as mistakes come.

It seems a surprisingly dumb thing to do. Fine to have those extended options in a Delete function in the menu - you are probably only going there if you want to delete more than 1 photo. But every digital camera I have owned has only permitted deleting the displayed photo with the delete button. It is bound to cause someone strife sometime, even apart from the hassle of the extra button push to do what you normally want a delete button to do.

Hopefully there will be a FW update to give at least the option of having a "regular" delete button.

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