Good books regarding creativity in photography?

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Re: Good books regarding creativity in photography?

Interesting question.  I've always placed a high value on creativity, but I never thought about trying to find a book that teaches creativity for the reasons Richard mentioned.  After reading your post I did a search to see if anything interesting turned up.  I only spent a few minutes looking.  I didn't find much.  One of the first books that the search returned was Bryan Peterson's book on seeing creatively.  I read that book a long time ago.  It may be a good book for you depending upon what you're looking for.  It covers the basics like seeing shapes, lines, colors, textures, etc.  It's well written and would definitely help someone starting out who's looking to make more visually impactful images.  However, it's not going to give you a wild imagination.

The way I learn to take more visually interesting photographs is the standard way, I look at other people's photos.  You can get more serious about it by taking notes.  Don't just write down what you see in order to copy the photo.  List the general ideas/concepts/techniques that interest you and also write down any thoughts that come to your mind on how to expand on those ideas in order to take them in different directions.  Don't limit yourself to photography.  Look at paintings, sculptures, elements of design, things in nature, etc. There's a Catch-22 in that you can become overly influenced by others and lose some of your own point of view.  Unfortunately in that regard, seeing examples is the best way to learn.

One more comment.  I've been guilty of something that limits creativity as have many others.  That is overlooking the importance of technical skill with your camera as well as post processing.  It doesn't matter if you have great vision if you don't have the skills to transfer that vision to your photos at a level where viewers aren't distracted by technical flaws.

I doubt this helps much.  Hopefully someone knows of some really good books.


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Hi Friends,

I am looking for some books regarding creativity in photography i.e. examples on how the photographer turned a mundane object / thing into a photographic opportunity by changing his composition/focus/perspective. I mainly want to get inspired as to how talented/imaginative photographers treat everyday life objects/events as a creative opportunity to have a great shot.

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