X-E2, got it, what a beast!

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Re: X-E2, got it, what a beast!

When compared to my NEX-6, the X-E2's PDAF algorithm works so much better. On the NEX-6, I really don't feel the camera making use of PDAF much, at least not in the way I see it works on the X-E2.

Also, X-E2, like X-E1, is able to detect horizontal contrast with the latest firmware. X100 and X100s AF algorithms are incapable of detecting horizontal contrast. So when you try to focus on something with horizontal contrast, X-E2 will only use CDAF (no PDAF), and the lens will hunt back and forth to find the focus point. I've tested NEX-6 and Sony A7. They both cannot focus on something with horizontal contrast. I read from the Oly forum that even the OM-D EM-1's CDAF fails to lock focus on horizontal contrast. I think X-E2 is now on the top of the heap in terms of AF speed and accuracy for all mirrorless cameras.

There is now a Pre-AF function. If you turn it on, it'll perform continuous AF at the AF point you selected. It'll also continuos AF when you have Face Detect AF + Pre-AF on. I think this is going to be great for catching movements of toddlers.

So would you say you prefer the Fuji X-E2 to the Sony NEX-6?

I have an X100 and a NEX-6 + 1650PZ lens + Sigma 30mm and am considering putting more money into the system and buying a faster lens like the SEL 35mm 1.8 OSS or ditching Sony NEX and switching over to the Fuji X system.

I love my X100 for the colors, JPEG output, size, looks, manual controls but the AF is just not fast enough for taking pictures of a fast-moving toddler in low light indoors, so went for the NEX. The NEX has worked out ok, but I need a faster lens, and the Sony 35mm is $450 (overpriced IMO but perhaps justified by the OSS). I also would like the small size of the Sony (pocket-able in jackets). If I get the X-E2 + kit lens + 1 'normal' prime, do you think I'd get similar or better AF performance and how much bigger/heavier would this be than the Sony equivalent?

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