RX1 playback magnify - slow for raw images

Started Nov 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: RX1 playback magnify - slow for raw images

bpjod wrote:

The jpg embedded in the RAW is not full size. If you zoom in to check critical focus, it has to build a jpg for you to review zoomed in. If you shoot RAW + JPG you get a full sized jpg so it just zooms in on that. So:

1. shoot RAW only. Downside: slow zooming in for checking details in image playback, no handy JPG if you want something quick to import to your iPad, post to Facebook, etc.

2. shoot RAW+JPG. Downsides: card fills a bit faster; more data to write to card, might slow you down; have to do something with the JPG files when you import the RAWs (store & ignore, don't import and wipe out when you format, or import and delete).

yeah i am now shooting RAW and JPG - thanks

On a side note it seems ipad loads both raw and jpg but only lets you work on jpg while raw simply takes space on ipad

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