Whats the deal with the sudden Panasonic 14mm Lens Price Hike

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Re: Some ebay sellers are asking $168 or best offer ....

baxters wrote:

So offer them $150 and keep the price down.

I bought mine as a dekitted lens in the early days when they wanted $209 while it was over $329 from US camera shops. It didn't even ship in a box, but was wrapped in saran wrap in a padded envelope. It was so light I didn't think there was a lens inside.

My own comparisons showed mine was a little sharper than my Olympus 14-42 in the center, and noticeably crisper at the perimeter. However, if you had any edges against the sky at the edges, they got tinged with purple, removeable in Lightroom 4 if needed.

And I use it often with the GWC1 converter which gives me an 11mm solution, almost as good as the 9-18 zoom.

The thing is .... are they really buying Panasonic camera kits and splitting off the lenses? Who is buying the bodies only?

I agree, I think its a good lens if you can get it under $150.  I got mine back for the same price I sold it, so I'm thrilled beyond belief the buyer was willing to resell it to me for $139.  So happy.  I've been an audio journalist for some time now and I've found myself enjoying the Olympus 45mm too much.  I think I can get the same general feel minus the bokeh with the 14mm lens and save a great deal of money at the same time.  Quality isn't so important, most of my snaps need to be 500x500 for the website I write for so the extreme detail quality of the 45mm is wasteful in my opinion.  Now, I think the 45mm zuiko is my favorite lens of all time, thankfully I was able to resell it for minimal profit loss before the upcomming black friday sales.  Didn't want to take the chance of it going on sale and then being unable to sell my used one.  It will always be there if I want to rebuy it.  Most of my pictures are stationary and I hope I can achieve nice things with the 14mm as I did a few years ago.  I've got the 100-300mm now and feel it to be the wrong time to have purchased it, its winter here and won't be able to take walks to actually use the lens for a long time.  So, I've no idea why I purchased it haha, ended up listing it for sale here.  Great lens though.

DPreview has been such a great site for me, long time lurker and only recently made a name for myself here, but I love this place.  So much information and great users.  Snobbishness is a problem elsewhere, I am so happy this place exists.

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