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Re: DF is a result of oversaturated market...

bgbs wrote:

of photographers. Everyone is a photographer. The moment somebody buys their first entry level DSLR, they consider themselves a professional. They take the first set of jpegs, and when they see shallower DoF look of their photos that is made possible by their lens they immediately say, "wow, thats professional". The next day they to craigslist, put up an ad with the subject line "Professional Photographer at your service" and the life moves on. The real pro's get mad that immatures are undercutting them at every corner, so they reinvent themselves by becoming instructors, sell training videos...etc. Nikon decides to capitalize on this over-saturation, knowing that a regular DSLR with good features is no longer working on the over-saturated photographic market, by introducing "Hip" as the only thing that matters. Pro and Immature no longer matter, but being hip does. Welcome to the new photographic movement.

I agree.

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