Olympus 12-40 easily beats the Canon 17-55 at f/2.8 (but not when stopped down).

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jim stirling wrote:

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

If you were to take the EM1's file and work it up in post processing you could get it so darn close to the D4's at that size, that the difference would nearly be moot. And if you consider you're comparing a $1400 to a $6000 dollar one it becomes even more absurd. The EM1 does just fine thank you. Not the least bit in denial, I've had pro Nikon bodies and pro Nikon glass, just don't want to lug the stuff around anymore. It's so much more fun to have a mini version of it to work with

The point was to show that even with the same MP count that the FF model would have more detail than the mFT camera the D4 is the only current FF model with such a low MP count..

And for reasons spelled out here


you failed completely.

BTW: The D4 is not the only current FF model with 16 MP. The just introduced DF has the same sensor.

The E-M1 is already at a noise disadvantage even at low ISO increasing sharpening would only make matters worse for the EM1. At high ISO there is simply no contest.

Based on your own standards, as spelled out here,


it is important to compare equivalent photos, i.e., at the same DoF, which implies different f-stops and different ISOs for FF than for MFT. You failed to do so in your earlier post and now you fail to do it again. At ISO 1600 for the E-M1 versus ISO 6400 for the D4, tables are turned and the E-M1 does better, which is not surprising in view of the fact that smaller sensors tend to do better than larger in general.

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