Is Pentax an inherently good system for sports? How about lens selection?

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Re: absolutely

In birding which is close to sports. There are so many things that go into it. AF accuracy, selecting AF points fast and all of the points being accurate. Speed of the camera. It is a combination.

Lens, is right up there. A sharp lens, sharp corner to corner. Doesn't help much if your lens is sharp only in the center IMO. Close quarter shooting if you cannot move your AF points to the location you want and have a lens that will deliver a sharp photo is a wast of a good camera.

Pentax just does not have the lens yet? Any good lens can be used at a distance and perform well. If you can shoot center and then crop. When the lens is not sharp from corner to corner you loose in close quarter shooting. And believe it or not even in distance shots if the subject is off center.

I am curious about the K-3, And I would love to try one out soon. But after using a pro, Canon body and two good lenses. It will be a very tough act to follow! Very curious about the camera though.

Got my fingers crossed. I would love to try my Sigma lenses again. I tried to sell them a few months ago. I am glad they did not sell. If the K-3 pans out I will have another go with them.

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