How long until you post casual photos of friends

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Re: How long until you post casual photos of friends

I think I would tell them to back the 'f off. They're your photos to do with as you like. They didn't hire you, pay money, or sign a contract, so they're overstepping by a large margin. You're the one who should be mad, not them - you did them a favor and they're taking a $hit on it.

So what to do? Edit the photos to the standards you feel comfortable with showing to the world, at your own pace. Only show the photos you feel are your top effort and mothball the rest. Noone at any time has a right to demand to see/receive photos from you that you don't feel represent your top skill, so stick to your guns. One of the skills of top photogs is the ability to edit and present a selection of work that reflects their true vision, so look at this as practice for that.

Also consider this as practice for the future if you ever decide to try and make money with your work - people will often make ludicrous demands and you'll have to deal with that. Bottom line though - do what you want and don't feel bad about it. If they're getting that nasty about it they're not your friends.
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