K/R, the Df and a lump of dog p**p!

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Re: K/R, the Df and a lump of dog p**p!

scokill wrote:

Ken Rockwell=totally idiot

Thom Hogan=God

I get tired of hearing about both actually and it seems there is no middle ground for either. Although I will say if there is an older lens I know nothing about it's easy to find on KR to get brief lowdown.

Exactly. I am also tired of the constant idiotic glorification of one and bashing of the other. KR has the best (or nearly the best) gear database there is. Period. I don't understand these people who have nothing better to do than kicking him all the time. If he is such an idiot why at all visit his site, even less, quote what he is saying? So what? He likes new gear. Nothing strange in that.

Also, what if the Df would beat the D800 hands down and he would throw his in the bin, who cares? Plenty bloggers and other people change opinion over time, there can be many reasons for that, one is that as time goes by one learns the weaknesses and the strengths of a body more, new gear comes out and meets new demands. Another reason may be that some of us mature and realize that our cherished precious camera is no longer the best, or never actually was the best. Admitting mistakes or admitting seeing things with different eyes is not wrong and does not make one an idiot, quite the opposite.

I don't know what KR or TH are saying about the D800 or the Df and I honestly don't care. My world is NOT ruined if they would suddenly hate "my" camera, or "my" brand. It's their personal opinion. Nothing more nothing less. I don't need their approval or likes and I don't care about the glorification of the one and bashing of the other.

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