Nikon Df: Ten reasons to like ... by Steve Huff

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Nikon Df: Ten reasons to like ... by Steve Huff

Many are bickering over the cost…but why? Let me point out a few key points;

  1. The $2800 Nikon Df houses the amazing D4 sensor. The D4 is $6000 and HUGE, HEAVY and BEASTLY.
  2. The Nikon Df is weather sealed in a solid magnesium body.
  3. The Nikon Df has a cool retro look and manual controls that MANY have been asking for.
  4. The low light capabilities of this camera will be about the best you can get in full frame. Shoot anywhere, anytime.
  5. It is attractive in an odd ugly kind of way, but me, I like it.
  6. It can accept all Nikon F lenses. Modern, AIS, Ai and pre Ai.
  7. 16Mp means better low light, smaller files and plenty of resolution for 99% of needs.
  8. Worlds smallest full frame DSLR.
  9. The Viewfinder is in reality sufficient for manually focusing classic lenses.
  10. NO VIDEO! To me, this is a plus! There are many others that do video well, we do not need it in this camera. It represents PHOTOGRAPHY.

Of course I can list the cons as well:

  1. Why only 1/4000th second?
  2. Why so FAT and THICK?
  3. Using modern Nikon lenses would look ridiculous with this body and should be illegal to use on it
  4. The D610 is $2000, $750 cheaper.
  5. The Sony A7 and A7r are almost here

To those that are bickering over it not having dual memory slots, or faster USB or VIDEO or a million focus are MISSING the ENTIRE point of this camera! To those that want that, you already have MANY choices (D800). Someone like me who uses and has ALWAYS used center point only focus, no flash at all, no video, and wants simplicity then this camera is it in DSLR land. Some complain that you can get a D800 for $3k but again, I would never ever buy a D800 due to size, bulk, and the fact that it looks like a typical large DSLR that will break my back. Not everyone wants flash, dual slots, etc. Did the F cameras from the 70′s have dual film slots?

For me, after really taking a serious look at the Df, for the 1st time in 6 years it is giving me that itch to go for a DSLR again! But this is not your traditional DSLR and if I end up with one it will only be used with small primes, probably 2 old classic lenses and maybe even the still in production 50 1.2 AIS. It may be ugly to some but it is sort of “attractive ugly”. It looks rough and tough. It looks like it can and will inspire confidence. It looks like it would survive a war (not sure it would though).

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