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Downgrading Panasonic for video is a slap in the face...

safaridon wrote:

Ironically DPR downgraded the GX7 IBIS simply because it is deactivated when used for video rather than actually testing its effectiveness for stills. One poster on this forum offered some extensive tests with many comparative pictures between the IBIS of EM5 and GX7 and found to his surprise the 2 axis IBIS on GX7 to be far superior to the 5 axis IBIS of EM5 at slower shutter speeds on virtually every lens outside of the 20mm where they were about equal!

Downgrading the manufacturer who provides by far the best video quality for a video feature takes a lot of nerve, honestly.

Someone at DPReview really dropped the ball on this. Giving Olympus the thumbs up for video on a camera with average video quality while giving Panasonic the thumbs down for a camera with superlative video quality.

Let's not forget that Panasonic was producing lenses with OIS (that do a great job of stabilizing video) when 5-axis IBIS was but a gleam in Olympus' eye.

I don't recall DPReview ever penalizing Olympus for not having stabilized video. Then to top it off, Olympus, in 2013, still can't get anywhere near the same level of video as Panasonic was doing 5 years ago.

How about some real objectivity guys?

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