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Re: The "true" D700 replacement will be in 2014....

Petruska wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

d3xmeister wrote:

Give us a true D700 replacement !!!!

Well, surprisingly, Nikon listened. The DF is here and, is the camera everyone was asking Nikon to do. Really, if a camera was made by those forum members, this would have been exactly it.

laying down a little fertilizer yourself with these comments. Even if the Df turned out to be the best DSLR ever made, it is not a D700 replacement. Without going too deep, it doesn't have the AF system ( 51 pts ) and the frame rate to be what fellows were / are looking for in a D700 replacement.

You might be a little over zealous.

Just looks logical to come out as a 2014 DSLR as Nikon is going ro release a new PRO DSLR of some sort in 2014. They know what us D700 owners want. Remember that the D4 and D800 releases were about a year late do to natural disasters. New engineering continued at that time and new designs are in the works. I'm sure that a 24MP sensor with excellent low light performance is ready, that's where I see the D700 replacement looking like.

Forget that any camera with a D4 sensor will cannonibalize D4 sales, the majority of people wanting a D4 bought them long ago. D4 sales are sliding............

Bob P.

I somewhat agree.  This would be somewhat smart at this point.  You don't have to worry about cannibalizing sales when there are little sales to cannibalize.

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