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The bias is real...

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Should had a Gold Award, from what I have seen on other camera reviews.

But things are not linear in this reviews world.

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The bias is real, I'm afraid. But it's nothing that can't be rectified by pointing out inconsistencies and biases when you run across them.

In the meantime, aside from being a Panasonic fan, I'm also an MFT fan. Bias toward Olympus isn't necessarily a bad thing for Panasonic in the long run, as it might help the MFT ecosystem as a whole. Although, I'll admit the bias has reached ridiculous levels by this point.

One thing I'll mention is that in 2013, something that DPREview really should be doing is factoring in video quality, the other half of the image quality equation. Given the negligible difference between Panny and Oly in stills quality, Panasonic will pull ahead of everyone else by a mile.

I mean, seriously, it seems like cameras are being judged by minutia in stills quality while other important factors are entirely skipped. Very hard to take these reviews seriously at this point.

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