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Sure most people get that... The problem is that you're trying to determine what that threshold is and most people don't agree with you.... unless you're suggesting that more people buy m4/3 vs APS-C and full frame.

Not suggesting anything of the sort. I'm saying that you can evaluate the EM1 as a 4/3 camera and the A7r as a FF camera. And to me, the EM1 is a better m43 camera than the A7r is a FF camera. Camera of the year doesn't mean "you should buy this camera". It can't, even if you wanted it to.

- Dennis

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You make a great point above.

I look at it this way. If I buy a FF camera, what do I want it for? Sports? Nature? Birding? Kids? macros?

What can the A7 or A7r do better than any other FF camera? The ONLY thing I can think of is use legacy lenses, but even Nikon has been doing that for a long while.

You cannot think too much then. A7 and A7R blast every other FF camera when it comes to manual focus. Real Live View with peaking/magnification through EVF is not available in any other FF so A7R is is actually best digital back there is for Zeiss ZE/ZF.2 glass including the Otus (we do not consider this legacy glass, right?), with Metabones adapter the A7R is *the* digital for Canon TS-E lenses as it beats Canon offering significantly in DR, Resolution and manual focus usability. There are a few specifal applications where OVF still rules (star photography), but other than that the EVF beats OVF handly when manually focusing fast glass to pinpoint accuracy. High resolution sensor + fast glass used wide open puts more emphasis on MF than ever, the mirror PDAF is fast but accuracy is not enuff in this scenario.

Now what does it not do as well as other FF cameras? The grip is not as good. Some say an EVF can't match an OVF. There are almost no native lenses, and even those have smaller apertures than what is available for other systems, the focus is is not as good. The specs like FPS are slower.

I've used A7R and IMO the grip is excellent for camera of that size and I have large hands, EVF beats OVF handily for most MF applications and lens adaptability is superb. I tested Canon 100/2.8L IS on the A7R + Metabones MArk III and with the new EVF is even more nice than it is on my Nex-7.

A7(R) is not the best sports camera (though it can be an ok one with LA-EA4 and Alpha glass), but it does beat every other FF there is in several fronts.

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