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Re: My (premature) take: strange result

You ask what the EP5 brings to the table? I will just recycle my post from three months ago. The EP5+VF4 is better quality than GX7 with the convenience of a built-in EVF. It is a question of what you prefer - better quality or convenience.


Well I have EPl5 + VF and I do not find it very convenientat all. Much better than no EVF, or sure. But convenient? The diminuitive VF3 is not at all. You can lose it, it makes the cam far less portabe. You can of course lose it. I do not findit nearly as convenient as the built in one on my GH2.
To my mind, it is not convenient at all.

to make matters worse: you pay an extra 250-300 dollars on a unit that otherwise costs the same. On top of 800 dollar that equates to 25-30% "bonus"..

Also: it does not resolve the video IQ difference. I have EPl5. It has the exact same video IQ I believe. My Gh2 blows it out of the water, just no comparison. No IBIS is going ot make up for it. Not at all.

Electronic shutter...does not wear
Better implemented intervalometer (and nice to have an e-shutter for that)
-4 eV AF
better ergonomics
sweep panorama
better menu's
All m43 lenses work flawlessly, EP5 does not correct everything in Panny lenses gving worse JPGs
Still IQ is on par

When we look at the same units at the same price, not having an EVF makes a HUGE difference. I do not see how that translates into 1 point difference at all.

And it is the very first time I disagree with dpreview. I have no intention of buying the GX7, but I do want to buy E-M1 or E-M2 (I really want to have better IQ to get me away from my GH2/EPL5 combo).

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