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Re: S Grins.

tombell1 wrote:

I reckon its a "damn near run thing"!!


I will almost certainly buy one of these two cameras as a light weight option to my K5 … they both offer a lot and the choice will be decided on how they feel in the hand.

I have "upgraded" my em-5 to a GX7? I see it as a major upgrade, despite the similarities on paper. The main issue with the Olympus EM-5 is the color, check out the purple-magenta hue on everything, in raw in LR too. It appears on the GH3 too.

Other shortcomings of the EM-5, video, the frame rates are just not UK-Europe PAL friendly

No 1/8000 shutter for wide apertures in good light, without ND's

No silent shutter

No focus peaking, or in video either

The focus box while accurate is too big to really know if you've got it right

Infernal IBIS buzzing in your ear

No touch focus, pull focus in video

No iso125, for slower shutters, iso 200 base is too high

No replay in the EVF of the image shot, yes you got it right, you cant review images in the EVF, its a nightmare and very weird function.

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