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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

AndyGM wrote:

This review, and the score, was overly harsh. I don't own a GX7, but I do want one after trying it in stores. I wanted to check out whether the increased refresh rate lessened the rainbow effect, which I see very pronounced but doesn't bother me. What I found is there is just as much rainbow effect as there is with the EVFs in the G3, G5 and GH2, but a whole lot more resolution so it's way better for manual focus, and as I said, the effect has never bothered me. Even though the G6 has no rainbow effect, I still think I'd prefer the EVF in the GX7 because how well it lets you manual focus is more important to me than colour fringes on edges that only appear when panning. I call BS/hogwash on the light leaking issue, never saw that, but then I don't wear glasses (I have 20:20 vision).

I've not yet seen the VF4 or the E-M1 so I can't compare them to the GX7. I'd say I'd be equally happy with the EVF in the GX7 and E-M5. Everyone is saying the VF4 is a major step up, and I'll trust their judgement.

The Olympus 2 Axis IBIS system, as still used in the E-PM2/PL5, is only active on exposure, not on half press, just like the GX7, so moaning about that just shows someone who has been using an E-M5 so much they think that stabilisation while composing is the norm. Well, it's not.

In the UK, the GX7 plus kit zoom costs exactly the same as an E-P5 plus kit zoom plus VF4. So for me, assuming the fast shutter release setting really does sort out the shutter shock, I'd go for the E-P5 purely because I shoot stills and next to no video, I want the 5 axis IBIS because none of my existing lenses have OIS, and I want the option to take the EVF off and stick it in another pocket if I don't need it. If video was more important to me, I'd take the GX7, which I do want... I just want the PEN a bit more because it suits me better. Choice is good.

And lastly, isn't the trait of changing aperture and ISO first, shutter speed last, in P mode a trait common to all Panasonics? Which comes from their greater video focus (a good part of why they produce such smooth looking video is they keep the shutter as close to a "180 degree shutter" for that frame rate). To get video anywhere near as smooth as that on an Oly camera, you have to stick them into shutter priority, and then you don't get Auto ISO!

Everyone has the right to be a little disappointed and to express that. So has DPR. On the whole it's a very positive review. No doubts at all regarding image quality. So anyone who reads it and is capable to make their own conclusions and don't care about to or three points difference to competitors, which really is very marginal, should be brave enough to get the camera. If the few things that made DPR a little disappointed is not of importance for a presumptive buyer of the camera, no reason to hesitating buying it. 79%, very close to 80% and the magic gold award, is a very good rating.

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