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Re: There are other sources for reviews

Hen3ry wrote:

What does Panasonic have to do? the GX7 is an outstanding camera. Don't come all this rubbish about EVF tearing during panning -- is that really a daily photographic problem? And as for the EVF not being glasses friendly -- my friends, I have been taking pix with eye level finders for 50 years, literally, and I have NEVER had a glasses-friendly finder. I have always had to work with glasses off and a custom adjustment lens in place (thank goodness for the diopter adjustments available today).

The images are as good as every comparison -- often better. It has the silent shutter, it has the built in flash (which is criticized as flimsy -- ALL such pop-ups are flimsy, but they are way better than nothing!), it has terrific ergonomics, it has …

As for the criticism of the IBIS, that it might not be as good as Oly's 5 way which is so handy for using legacy lenses or other non-OIS lenses -- come off the grass! Few people use legacy lenses for starters, and photography has been happening for well over a century without IBIS. And in any case, let's see a real comparison between the two IBISes (I expect the Oly IBIS is better, but for mine, it is a catch-up on the always excellent Panny OIS).

Well, actually the GX7 does NOT have a fully articulated screen which has been so much a feature of Panasonic m43 cams and is one of the important reasons I will NOT be buying it. I will buy a Panny G6 and I will be using Panny zooms with the excellent OIS.

But I still think the GX7 is well worth a gold award and should, in fact, be rated more highly than some of its gold award opposition.

And where, oh where is the full review of the G6?

Cheers, geoff

I agree with much of what you've said, Henry, and this from an Olympus (E-M5) user.

And I'm also guilty as charged: I, too, often wait to see what DPR has to say about new cameras.  But I also look to other sites for their results for two reasons: 1) to get a more balanced understanding of how a camera performs and 2) because DPR is notoriously slow in getting reviews out, all their hand wringing excuses to the side.

CameraLabs, a site run by a single person, Gordon Laing, as compared to the Amazon sponsored large staff of DPR, manages to get out very respectable technical reviews often in advance of DPR, and often of cameras mFT fans have a strong interest in which DPR won't touch (G6 case in point). I find their difference in philosophy refreshing:

"Today Camera Labs also remains almost entirely a one-man operation." - Gordon Laing

More about Gordon and the site, and reviews of the GX7 and G6:




I'll warn you right now, he also had quibbles with the GX7, but often from a different perspective, and very much respected all the features it manages to pull together. No perfect camera, guys and gals.

Regarding DPR, I typically come here for their very active forums, more so than their reviews, and I'm sure this is true of many others. A lot of great feedback from actual users of the cameras. The forums cost them next to nothing to run, and were a stroke of genius in initiating years back.

As for news, I get it first from 43Rumors, since my primary interest is mFT cameras. And then there are the drains on their resources like Connect, which from the moment it arrived sent me the message their drifting away from their core mission: cameras. The change in their studio test shot scene further put me off, immediately making it impossible to compare cameras predating it to those following it, never mind it's mind-bogglinly boring to look at and peculiar in the objects it provides (green fur?!) for viewing.

I guess what I'm saying is that different sites have their strengths and weaknesses, just like cameras. But at least the sites are thankfully free for the viewing, and DPR is certainly among the better ones out there, all niggles aside.

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