Epson R3000 and Canon Pro 1 Printers

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Epson R3000 and Canon Pro 1 Printers

I'm in the market for a new printer.  My choices are the Epson R3000 or The Canon Pro 1, but I'm caught in the specifications dilemma, not considering price difference.  My output will be Landscape color and B&W, Professional Architectural and Real Estate, still life table top work. Output size - 8.5x11 or 13x19

Here are the specifications and what I feel are + or - features.

Epson R3000:

  1. - 8 ink tanks
  2. - lower dpi x dpi resolution.
  3. +smaller droplet size
  4. +fewer nozzles
  5. - clogging problems
  6. - have to switch black ->matt black tanks and lose 3 ml of ink.
  7. -non consumer ink hear replacement -  Head out, cheaper to buy new printer.
  8. Less expensive initial cost

Canon Pro 1:

  1. + 12 tank system with tube feed system.
  2. -large droplet size.
  3. - Lots of nozzles
  4. +Higher dpi x dpi resolution
  5. - reputation for using a LOT of ink
  6. +fewer clogging problems due to ink feed system.
  7. + More black gradations of ink.
  8. + No wasted ink as both blacks are always on-board.
  9. +more shades of black ink.
  10. + new ink lens technology - color optimizer.
  11. + consumer replacable ink head. (may be cheaper to replace printer)
  12. More expensive
  13. For what it's worth...Adorama's Mark Wallace raved about the output quality of the printer.

Any experienced recommendations??

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