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Re: S Grins.

MichaelKJ wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

That is true. It seems that on such big sites like Dpreview there is more probability for biased behavior.

I fail to understand why you think a big site is more prone to biased behavior. Could you please explain your reasoning.

We've both been here for quite some time and I find almost all of your comments to be considerate and well thought out. However, I think your accusing DPR of biased reviewing is uncalled for. Given your love for Panasonic gear, I can't help but think that your accusing DPR of bias stems from your own pro-Panasonic bias.

Also, I can't see, why the GX7 review creates so much anger. The GX7 nevertheless scored a remarkable 79% and missed the highest category just by 1 point for conclusive reasons. The GX7 fans cry out bias! Even the moderator slams the reviewers lost their touch (with whom?).

A review is not to please existing customers but to inform potential buyers and to assess the quality and characteristics of a product. Reading the review I think the GX7 is well described and assessed. It is generally positively described. If the reviewer finds flaws, they have to be mentioned and taken into the score.

Next, people claim that it is impossible or nonsense to compare the GX7 with cameras, which scored better, like the E-M1. Of course you can! IQ is comparable always. Ergonomics as well, and the reviewer undoubtedly put his findings into the perspective of this body type. The camera is less robust and well build than the E-M1, why not take this into account? It is valuable information for buyers! The GX7 is cheaper, so you can't expect the same quality or features than from a more expensive camera. Perhaps, but that does not mean that it gets a bonus. The price/value relationship is documented (I don't know if its part of the score) and taken care of.

To me, it is a great review. It scores the camera well and justified. The score is high (higher than E-P5).

I can only support dpreview not granting the gold award inflationary, like so many magazines and online reviewers do.

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