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Lawrence22 wrote:

s_grins wrote:

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Aleo Veuliah wrote:

That is true. It seems that on such big sites like Dpreview there is more probability for biased behavior.

I fail to understand why you think a big site is more prone to biased behavior. Could you please explain your reasoning.

We've both been here for quite some time and I find almost all of your comments to be considerate and well thought out. However, I think your accusing DPR of biased reviewing is uncalled for. Given your love for Panasonic gear, I can't help but think that your accusing DPR of bias stems from your own pro-Panasonic bias.

As little sample of treating different folks differently:

E-M1 was announced after GX7, but full review was posted before. And, not to forget, Sir Butler personally came on forum to post the announcement of E-M1 on forum, and not so for GX7. Not a big deal, but I'm sensitive to such a little thing.

On larger scale, DPR has lost interest (ever biased) to cameras and has more to vest into the business. That is why website expanded so rapidly and became less informative.

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Looking for equilibrium...

I have the same thinking, as the GX7 announced quite a long time before the EM1, but the full review of EM1 came out in a very short time. It is not a big deal,but I'm also sensitive to such a little thing. I notice that at  high ISO GX7 shows a very good showout, but the Dpreview don't add the credit to it, as before praising the other systems showing good high ISO performance over pana.


Couldn’t agree more. Considering the review barely tested (if at all) many new features, you wonder why it took such a long time to write such a basic review….no comment on IBIS effectiveness, HDR, Panorama, multi exposure, new 20mm II, eshutter impact on shutter shock, real battery life, barely anything on ISO 125). Very shallow review considering many one-man review covered a lot more in a lot less time.

Award is irrelevant to me, but I wish there was more meat into the review.

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