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Old reviews

Back in the late '60 early 70's Modern Photography and Popular Photography magazines used to do reviews. They were two or three pages. I always saved them.

Basically they were all the same, What I mean was that the cameras were all about the same.

They would test the 50mm lens that came standard and give the resolution.

Some would have a light meter.

Flash sync was about the same in all, some had 1/125

Some would go to 1/500 shutter speed, some to 1/1000

Some had interchangeable finders and screens.

None were really weatherproof, you couldn't pour water over them.

Imagine if there were no major improvements to them and DPR had to do reviews.

"We give the Nikkormataflex a 55 and a Copper rating as the shutter speed dial is stiff and doesn't lock"

"The Exatra 124 is nice and compact and the aperture stops down to F32, we award it a Gold , 89. It would have gotten a Platinum at 91 points but the film advance lever kept poking us in the eye.

"The film advance is smooth on my CannonFlex 69, but needs multiple winds to advance to the  next frame.  The cap covering the battery takes too many turns to open. Otherwise it feels good, 76, a Silver"

"Olympia OOOM EL7 is a fine camera but we find the placement of the shutter speed ring around the lens mount to be just too hard to get used to, it gets a 34, Lead award."

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