On the street with X100

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Re: On the street with X100

ovinikon wrote:

TangoMan wrote:

People are really nice here, with all these wonderful comments.

But since you asked for advice, I'd say try to shoot something interesting. Ha ha! Ok, this is very subjective, but I don't find anything noteworthy in any of these pictures. They are what I see all the time when I go outside. So, observe better, shoot more, cull a lot more, and post the most striking shot or shots.

Interesting characters doing something unusual, ephemeral or remarkable in some way. That's what I think would improve your street shooting. Others (and you) may disagree.

I need time and practice and maybee I will be able to shoot something more interesting.I do all my best!

You've got the right attitude

With practice you'll acquire the fast reflexes to size the fleeting opportunities in the best manner, and with time you will encounter interesting scenes.

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