2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

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Re: 2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

DT200 wrote:

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DT200 wrote:

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Dennis wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

Apart from image quality. The EM1 is without any doubt the better camera.

This is probably funnier than you meant for it to be.

Why ? Most people get that IQ beyond a certain threshhold isn't worth paying for or sacrificing other features for.

Sure most people get that... The problem is that you're trying to determine what that threshold is...

I have to agree with Dennis. Most people aren't willing to admit it, but their "threshold" is looking good on Facebook, a smartphone or tablet. Others bump that up to 8x10 or 11x14 prints. Between those 2 groups you have about 98% of camera users covered.

Facebook? Excuse me but I thought we were talking about enthusiasts, serious amateurs and even professionals.


So tell me how many "professional" photos you have downloaded and then printed larger than 11x14 to admire? None. In fact, I bet the only "Pro" photos you view are on a monitor with maybe 2MP or less resolution.

What on earth are you talking about? With my D800 and X-E1, of course I print large. I do it all the time. I have an Epson R2400 and I buy good paper and print as large as 11x14 all the time. Why on earth would i buy such a camera? For web posting? I have even used Adorama's print service to have a poster sized print done. And the whole reason I bought a high resolution camera was because I do copy work for a group of New York artists and printmakers for whom I'm digitalizing their portfolios that they previously had done with slides and a few of them want to make giclee prints from the files.

"2 mp or less"? wtf?

But you seem to have missed the point. This is a photography website where enthusiasts and even some professionals come to talk about high end gear. Whatever IQ people are satisfied with for Facebook "selfies" is not at all relevant in a discussion about the best high end camera of 2013.

As I said 98% of camera buyers do not need or use anything above 11x14 prints. If we only cared about the other 2%, then we would be discussing medium format cameras and such.

Again, we are not concerned with 98% of camera and smartphone users and neither is Steve Huff or DPR. Last time I checked this was Sony NEX forum and we were talking about a FF NEX camera and a high end m43 camera. How on earth are the imaging needs of regular non-photographers most of who use smartphones and compacts relevant AT ALL?

For crying out loud, I feel like I'm running in quicksand whenever people sidetrack enthusiast and prosumer camera discussions by talking about the snapshot needs of Grandma, Junior, Facebook and Instagram users.

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