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Re: Same problem, different thoughts

Mike Fewster wrote:

OK. I have a 5n and an A900 and find I use both. The A900 when I am principally travelling by car and can lug it. The 5n when travelling by plane or just wandering around streets or hiking.

My biggest issue with the 5n is lens changing in crowded streets or dusty environments (Australian outback). I like wa and I am forever changing lenses and miss shots while my wife nails them with her Lumix P&S. But in low light, the Nex is wonderful.

Current thinking. Use two cameras when walking around. Keep the 5n (or maybe a 6) with 16-50 for compact size/wa shooting. Carry a second camera with a longer lens in the backpack. That second camera might be a new compact FF and then retire off the A900 as I build a lens collection for the A7 or A7r

or the 5n with wa lens in backpack and an rx1 (or maybe rx100 as the 5n would give me the better low light I often need)) for walking around. And keep the A900 for use from the car?

or .... I dunno either. But I think the 5n is likely to stay in the mix.

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Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia


You would be better with the 5n and a 55-210 tele on it and the FF with WA so you take advantage of the crop sensor for long shots and ff for landscapes/ indoor low light.  But I can't say this from experience cause my 5n usually has the 35mm on it and it is my only camera.


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